Eurosfera formed the Pesnic Round 

The “Eurosfera Education” agency from Belgrade, as part of its activities of other education, establishes a database of lesser-known poetry, or poetic creativity which has not attracted the primary attention of the literary and other public from 2000 to present in the Republic of Serbia, Republic of Srpska and Serbian diaspora.

The base will be established based on the proposals of the poets themselves. They will send to their e-mail address of the Agency “Eurosfera Education” their choice of their own poetry published or from the manuscript.
Eurosfera Education Agency cooperates with the above-mentioned Proposers for the Database and in a public presentation in Belgrade based on previous agreements.


Baseline Suggestions:

– Corrected and redacted texts proposed by the song, format A4;
– personal data of the author (also under pseudonym);
– bibliographic data on attached notes (if published), i
– The author’s address for further correspondence, if necessary.

Replacement for passion. Choice from the collection of the songs of Nemanje Božić