Strategic Management 

Strategic Management in the Public Sector, a book written by Assistant Professor Mihajlo Rabrenović PhD, was a joint publishing venture of the Public Enterprise Službeni Glasnik and Eurosfera.

The first reviewer of the book was Prof. Dr Glendal Wright, an expert for public management at The American University of Washington. “This book provides a comprehensive overview, with the highest level of expertise and a clear review of this important field of public management”, said Wright. “The book opens an entirely new area and stimulates new approaches to methods and techniques of public management. It is a must-read for all theorists and practitioners of this field who want to fully understand the meaning of strategic management in the public sector.

Another reviewer, Prof. Dr Mijat Damjanović from the Faculty of Public Administration in Belgrade, wrote in the book’s foreword: “Bearing in mind the significance and position of this discipline in many curricula of state and private universities and faculties, this book will certainly be highly useful, both to present and future generations of students and experts interested in this field.”

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