Investment in the City of Belgrade 

At a seminar recently held by Eurosfera, City Manager Goran Vesić said that efforts are constantly being made to modernise legislation that can enable more efficient investment.

“The opportunity to buy land is especially important for foreign investors”, said Vesić, adding that the City of Belgrade will support the shortest possible process of acquiring all permits, so as to facilitate investment.

Vesić said that Belgrade should give advantage to public-private partnerships and concessions as potential investment frameworks.

Speaking about specific projects, Vesić mentioned the construction of four new underground car parks and of a municipal solid waste landfill in Vinča, which he noted currently holds the largest rubbish dump in this part of Europe. Next on the list of projects is in his opinion the metro. “Beside Belgrade Waterfront, this will be the largest project in the capital”, he declared. The following project would be building the largest wholesale market in the Balkans, which will “encourage more investment in agriculture, the food processing industry and everything related to this kind of facility”, he said.

Vesić also highlighted some agricultural projects, such as irrigation projects to be financed from loans. He noted that this system will cover 28,000 hectares of land, more than 10% of the total agricultural area of Belgrade.

Vesić also mentioned projects to build the Belgrade inner ring road and complete the outer ring motorway.

(Source: B92)

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